Welcome to The Nerd Punch, a site that melds combat sports and nerd interests.

We believe a 3 hit combo is worth the same whether it ends in a fireball or a mouth guard flying into the cheap seats.

We believe movie reviews should be snarky and done in one’s week old underwear, not in some high class publication in a suit. And if that movie has a fight scene, we will break it down far more thoroughly than you ever needed.

We believe that “gaming” isn’t just what guys unsuccessfully attempt on women at bars, but a lifestyle that should be respected and cherished.

We’re fighters, scholars, nerds, musicians, and friends.

We are The Nerd Punch.

Our Team

Siri Karri, CEO/Feature Writer

Siri is a mixed martial arts and video game aficionado, but only had the physique for the latter. Proudly goofy and reluctantly pudgy, he tackles writing in the same way he tackles a burger; enthusiastically but with adult supervision.



Sean Ferral, Feature Writer

Sean is pretty much “the bad guy”(metaphorically not negatively)…Sean was dubbed a “natural heel” by a handful of pro wrestlers about 8 years ago and Sean has embraced that role ever since. While covering the sports entertainment industry, Sean has met and interviewed many in the business and still loves the business now as much as he did as a kid. While most kids were cheering for the X­Men, Sean rooted for guys like Apocalypse and Magneto. When everyone rooted for Hulk Hogan, Sean was rooting for the Iron Sheik. When you ask him “Why do you like the villain so much?” Sean always gives this answer, “The villain always tells a better story. Without their substance, there is little need for heroes.” Other than his love for villains, Sean is an overall sports dork and watches literally everything from WWE to Olympic curling to the NFL. Sean also loves humor, especially when it’s dark, well thought out, and witty.

David Gallick, Feature Writer

Many have been called “The Voice of the Generation.” David is not one of them, but he is more than content to be some schmoe prattling away on the internet and someday hopes to go on a spirit quest to find his soulmate. He cares more about Spider-Man than his own well being and can throw a football over those mountains over there.

Jason Yoakam, Feature Writer/Web Guy

Jason is a lifestyle designer, backroom philosopher and proud generalist. He is the founder of Reach Digital and finds himself involved in more projects than any sane man should.