WWE RAW Results 10/12/15

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Hey everyone…Sorry I’ve missed some time these last few weeks but the sports world never stops and I have been all over the place lately. With that out of the way let’s get to the results from Monday Night RAW live from Chicago. *ALL photos are from WWE.com*

RAW from Chicago kicks off with Stephanie and Triple H on speaker phone with Kane telling him they’re running late. They ask Kane to be professional and Kane says he will. Kane hangs up and makes a lumberjack match tonight between him and Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose is out and cuts a quick promo but is interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton tells Ambrose that it’s the two of them versus Harper and Strowman at Hell in a Cell. The New Day comes out and as always is entertaining as hell. New Day insults Orton and Ambrose but then Kane appears on the Tron and says New Day vs Orton and Ambrose begins now.

New Day vs Orton and Ambrose

Ambrose and Kofi start off and Kofi is sent to the floor and Ambrose goes for a suicide dive. Kofi moves out of the way and we go to commercial.

Back from break and Orton and Ambrose are in control. Big E. tags in and is worked over by double teams. Big E. fights back on Orton and starts dancing. Orton lands a clothesline and tags out. Ambrose regains control after a missile dropkick for 2. Orton tags back in and hits his signature stomps. Ambrose tags himself in and Orton isn’t thrilled and tags himself back in. Both men try to one up each other stomping on Big E. Kofi eventually tags in and gets taken out again for another commercial.

We come back and Kofi is in control of Orton after a distraction by Woods. Big E. Goes for his apron spear but Orton moves and he goes crashing to the outside. Ambrose gets the hot tag and unloads on Big E. Kofi is sent outside again with Big E. And Ambrose takes them out with a suicide dive. Back inside now and Ambrose and Big E. Tag out. Orton powerslams Kofi and Woods tries to stop the DDT but Ambrose suicide dives out. Orton hits the DDT and calls for the RKO. Kofi ends up shoving Orton into Ambrose and rolls him up for the win.


Winners: New Day

– We get a video to hype the Undertaker vs Lesnar for Hell in a Cell.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi

Typical Divas match…Lots of back and forth until Naomi gains the upper hand. Brie Bella then climbs on the announce table with a mic and starts a “we want Sasha” chant. Sasha trips her but the distraction allows Nikki to hit a forearm to Naomi and the Rack Attack for the win.


Winner: Nikki Bella

John Cena’s U.S. Title Challenge is next. Cena gets the typical response from the Chicago crowd and gives them their credit and goes on to cut a promo on his history in All State Arena. He awaits on his opponent and Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and out he comes.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena for the U.S. Championship

The match starts and the crowd erupts with dueling Cena chants. Cena gains the upper hand and grounds Ziggler. Dolph rolls to the floor to buy some time. The crowd erupts as there was a proposal in the crowd. Cena grabs the mic and congratulates the couple. Ziggler takes advantage and grounds Cena with an armdrag and we go to commercial.

We come back and Ziggler is working Cena over with elbows. Cena goes for the 5 moves of doom but Ziggler blocks the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena blocks a Fame-asser and hits a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Ziggler blocks the AA but gets caught in the STF but reverses it into the sleeper.

Cena goes for a second rope AA but it’s reversed. Ziggler readies for a super kick like Shawn Michaels but Cena stops him with a huge clothesline. Cena catches Dolph going for a splash and goes for the AA. Ziggler reverses it mid air and hits the Fame-asser for a near fall. Cena gets the STF locked in but Ziggler is able to will himself to the rope. Cena puts Ziggler up top and goes for a superplex but it’s blocked. Cena rolls through a crossbody and goes for the AA but Ziggler rakes the eyes and hits a superkick for a near fall.

The two trade strikes back and forth and Dolph hits a headbutt and a Zig Zag. Cena somehow kicks out at two. Cena hits the AA out of nowhere for the pinfall.


Winner and still U.S. Champion: John Cena

We see Kane backstage on speaker phone with Triple H and Stephanie again and the two still seem to be running late to the show.

Dudley Boyz vs the Ascension

Konnor starts off working over D’Von and tags in Viktor. After a huge slam by Viktor and a missed fist drop Bubba tags in and Big boots Viktor. Bubba knocks Konnor of the apron and goes back to work on Viktor. The Dudley Boyz hit the Doomsday Device and then the 3D for the win.


Winners: Dudley Boyz

Cesaro & Neville vs Barrett & Sheamus

Neville and Barrett start off but things pick up when Cesaro and Sheamus come into the match. Cesaro works over the Celtic Warrior with loads of offense but Sheamus makes a comeback before eating an uppercut. Cesaro chases Sheamus outside and drops him and Barrett with uppercuts and tags in Neville. Cesaro launches Neville over the top rope onto both men.

Back inside Neville is tossed into the ropes and Sheamus distracts the ref allowing Barrett to hit a Bull Hammer. Sheamus gets the pin.


Winners: Barrett and Sheamus

– We get a Strowman video package.

Reigns comes out for a promo and the crowd is obliterating him with “What?” Chants. Reigns tries to continue but the crowd starts “Boring” Chants now. The Wyatt Family comes out and Bray takes over the on the mic atop the ramp. Bray whispers to Strowman and points to Reigns and Strowman makes his way to the ring.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Reigns is manhandled by Strowman to start off. Reigns tries to get some offense in but Strowman just powers out of everything and rams Reigns into the corners with shoulder thrust. Strowman hits a massive clothesline and slams Reigns. Strowman stays in control but Reigns tries to make a comeback and hits the Drive by. He goes for it again and is dismantled by a clothesline.

Reigns sees hits a Superman punch on Harper then on Strowman and runs back into the ring. Reigns wins by count out.


Winner: Reigns by count out

– Kane is on speakerphone with Triple H again and tells him he’s on the way. Kane tells Triple H what the main event is but the phone signal keeps cutting out. Kane tells Hunter again and we hear a dial tone.

Ryback vs Rusev

Ryback gets the win after a hard fought contest and hitting Shell Shock. They then try to explain the Lana and Rusev engagement as Summer tries to turn Rusev face. Summer slaps Rusev and leaves.

Winner: Ryback


Kevin Owens vs Kalisto

Kalisto uses his speed to mount early offense but is floored with a clothesline. Owens then drops Kalisto on the top rope with a suplex. Chicago loves Owens. Kalisto goes for a flipping Rana but botches and lands hard outside.

Back inside and Kalisto hits the back handspring followed by a spiking Rana and a satellite DDT. Kalisto goes for another Rana but gets spiked with a powerbomb for the finish.


Winner: Kevin Owens

Charlotte and Becky vs Brie and Alicia

Paige is on commentary. Becky and Brie start off. Lots of back and forth. Weird finish as Brie gets the win on Charlotte with a 2nd rope dropkick.


Winners: Brie and Alicia

– Stephanie and Triple H are going off on Kane telling him he’s not allowed to wrestle Rollins tonight. Kane says he’ll find a replacement

– Rollins and Big Show are seen backstage and Rollins is trying to butter up the Big Show to keep him safe. Show laughs and walks off. We see Kane approach Rollins and he tells him he found a suitable replacement for his lumberjack match.

The lumberjacks are out and we go to break.

Seth Rollins vs ???


Demon Kane makes his way out and Rollins tries to run away but the lumberjacks don’t let him. Kane goes to work on Rollins who tries to escape again but isn’t allowed thanks to the lumberjacks. Rollins kicks Kane but the monster no sells it and is sent outside. The lumberjacks run from Kane. Rollins makes it into the crowd but Cesaro catches him and they send him back into the ring. Kane takes out the New Day and hits the Big Show. Big Show lands a Knockout Punch and leaves. The lumberjacks roll Kane back in but he kicks out. Rollins starts to work Kane over and keeps him grounded. Rollins hits a frog splash for a near fall. Kane goes for a chokeslam but it’s blocked. Kane then nails a massive superplex and both men are down. New Day attacks Kane and the lumberjacks all join in. Kane gets up and chokeslams all the lumberjacks and tombstones Rollins for the win.


Winner: Demon Kane

Sean Feral
Sean is pretty much “the bad guy”(metaphorically not negatively)…Sean was dubbed a “natural heel” by a handful of pro wrestlers about 8 years ago and Sean has embraced that role ever since. While covering the sports entertainment industry, Sean has met and interviewed many in the business and still loves the business now as much as he did as a kid. While most kids were cheering for the X­Men, Sean rooted for guys like Apocalypse and Magneto. When everyone rooted for Hulk Hogan, Sean was rooting for the Iron Sheik. When you ask him “Why do you like the villain so much?” Sean always gives this answer, “The villain always tells a better story. Without their substance, there is little need for heroes.” Other than his love for villains, Sean is an overall sports dork and watches literally everything from WWE to Olympic curling to the NFL. Sean also loves humor, especially when it’s dark, well thought out, and witty.

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